Croatian Teddy the Guardian Raised A $400.000 Seed Round

Croatian Teddy the Guardian Raised A $400.000 Seed Round And Generated $716.000 In Preorders

Croatian Teddy the Guardian has just came back from the Consumer Electronics Show and it already brought some good news - the startup raised a seed round of $400.000 and generated $716.000 in preorders. If you wondered when it will be available for sale - don’t worry, your new smart and fuzzy friend could be in your home this spring.


Teddy is a smart plush bear filled with sensors that measure child’s vitals within seconds. Is there a better way to measure someones heart rate, oxygen saturation or body temperature than holding the toy’s (super) paw? The child is not stressed out and it’s vitals are not skewed – and you get all the data through Teddy the Guardian smartphone app.

Ana Burica and Josipa Majic, Teddy the Guardian cofounders
Ana Burica and Josipa Majic, Teddy the Guardian cofounders

It seems that the angel investors, mostly from London, recognized the Teddy as a part of the future child health care – CEO of Daily Mail group, cofounder of Atlas Ventures, cofounder of Shazam, both cofounders of Secret Escape and others gathered $400.000 for the further development of the product. Teddy the Guardian was founded by Josipa Majić and Ana Burica, and the company has 16 employees, offices in London and Zagreb and the team is currently opening a new one in California. Josipa explains:

Teddy is headed to the best hospitals in the world and in the region, and production will be located in Europe and in the US.

The hospitals are the key opinion makers, she added, but their primary target group are first time parents. Teddy’s family could get larger as well – the team is developing new products with some of the best component providers in the Silicon Valley, but the cofounders couldn’t get into the details at this moment.

Get your own Teddy!

Handmade Teddy the Guardian will cost around $500, but there will be a cheaper version as well – it will cost $250. But you have a chance to get one for free – if you know a use case for the device, you can take a part in #DonateTeddy promotion. The startup will donate 100 bears to the ones who need them the most. Find out all the details on Teddy’s website. Good luck!

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