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Vox.io Loses Its CEO: Tomaz Stolfa Steps Down from Well Known Slovenian Startup

Tech entrepreneur Tomaz Stolfa has stepped down as the CEO of one of Slovenia's most well known startups, Vox.io.


Vox.io Has an iPhone App, Improvements on Vox.me Quick Calls

Vox.io, web browser based VoIP service from Slovenia just gave Netocratic an exclusive preview of their Vox.io iPhone app that will launch by the end of the September. From within the app, you can make calls to your Vox.io contacts or to your phone contacts for a small fee. The app organizes your contacts into two groups: All and Online. The All list will show all of your phone and Vox.io contacts, while Online list shows only those contacts that are online with Vox.io at the moment.


Vox.io Hits 1 Million Users while Integrating Facebook Chat in Its VoIP App

Vox.io just released a new version of its web-based VoIP application that you can now chat with Facebook users via an integration of the world's largest social network while hitting an important milestone: 1 million users!

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Croatian agencies SeekandHit and airt presented Capt’n: „It saves time and money just like top advertising experts!”

Veterans of advertising and co-founders of the leading agencies DRAP and SeekandHit presented their AI platform that optimizes advertising for Facebook and Google networks.


Croatian fintech startup airt helps banks learn about user’s transactions using AI

This week we had opportunity to cover the announcement of airtAI, a Croatian fintech startup whose solution is based on artificial intelligence and is directed towards smaller banks that want to better assess the needs of their clients. Exclusively for Netrokracija airt’s CEO Hajdi Ćenan reveals the details.


Cenosco: A Dutch company that prevents explosions on oil platforms from Pula, The Hague and Zagreb through software, VR and AR

Applications that control the operation of oil platforms and plants for the processing of derivatives are directly responsible for a safer and cleaner world, and one of the best is created largely in Croatia.