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Startups is a Global Startup Map Powered by AngelList’s API is a new Croatian mini-startups that's working to help - other startups from around the world with its global map of startups and startup organisations based on the startup social network AngelList. The project was started by Filip Topol, the lead project manager of Mediatoolkit, a part of the social media marketing agency iStudio, who decided to present the project exclusively on Netocratic.

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Am I a lazy developer if I need a PlayStation break at work?

Me: “Gosh, I can’t go out for coffee now. I’m all fried from work. Gotta rest today.” My gang: “Liar, how would you get tired from work? All you do is play games on PlayStation!”


Whether you are new or an established company – finding product-market fit is never easy

They could have continued being successful on a smaller scale and be stagnant but they recognized there is a global market opportunity and decided to act. Here is the story of Lemax, a successful Software-as-a-Service company from Croatia.


Localization of agritech: Language is just the first out of 6 things to adapt

When entering a new market, regardless of the type of technology, platform or content, software localization is a must. But for digital tools in the agriculture industry it takes on a whole set of new, unexpected dimensions.