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Nuke Suite Is An Integrated Social Marketing Platform That Global Brands Adore

Have you been trying to keep up with the extensive and demanding social operations of your brand in order to keep growing on your social channels? Has multi-networking been giving you a headache and have you been over-occupied with keeping your brand’s e-reputation on the highest level? Well, today is your lucky day. Meet Nuke Suite.


Have you been trying to keep up with the extensive and demanding social operations of your brand in order to keep growing on your social channels?  Has multi-networking been giving you a headache and have you been overly occupied with keeping your brand’s e-reputation on the highest level?

Well, today is your lucky day. Meet Nuke Suite – the powerful platform for effective and easy-going social operations across multiple channels. Launched in 2012, Nuke Suite is now used in more than 35 countries by 150 different brands, such as FNAC, Nissan, Havas, OMD, and Publicis, and most recent Pepe Jeans London.

It empowers brands to drive growth via social channels, with rich tool sets for multi-network publication. Those tool sets help you with mobile, web and tablet app creation, conversation monitoring, e-reputation management, social profile analysis, ROI tracking, paid media campaign creation and optimization for Facebook and Twitter, as well as social retargeting and recommendation operations.

In 2013, Nuke Suite was awarded the best Cristal Awards startup, leaving behind other 60 young ad tech companies – and we are about to tell you why.

Comprehensive set of tools for social marketing

There are six tools featured on Nuke Suite platform for managing your social activities, created to help your brand stand out.


If you want to manage and analyze your content, track your social activity and compare your social performance, Engage is the tool perfectly geared for your brand’s muti-network publishing, moderation and social CRM, as well as content sharing.



Creating rich social app experiences for web, mobile and tablet is what you need to generate virality. Grow, engage and reward your online community with Enrich – a tool that offers 20 responsive apps, optimized for both iOS and Android.


Manage your online reputation with Listen. Track down the most passionate fans and hear what people are saying about your brand, with a help of the semantic analysis of mentions. This interesting tool provides you with timely alerts for negative mentions and it helps you prevent any possible communication crisis in advance.


Calculating your social ROI and stepping into clear insights of your brand’s social activities has never been easier. Analyse is a set of tools providing you with the essential data about your fans’ presence, and it also allows you to easily calculates your ROI on social platforms. It helps you get into your fans’ demographics providing a better understanding and helping you reach them in a more enhanced way.


How to reach to your target audience has been the biggest issue with brands on social media. Target is the tool that will help you run successful social paid campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, optimize ad results and measure and track your efficiency. This social ad editor creates your paid media campaigns and retargets your fans with Custom Audiences option.


Have you thought about segmenting your fans and followers to reach them more effectively? Convert helps you integrate social data into the existing CRM files and to create personalized content based on the collected fan data.

Pepe Jeans ♥ Nuke Suite


The latest confirmation of Nuke Suite’s highly useful and innovating social platform has been done by one of the top global fashion brands, Pepe Jeans London. This iconic denim brand has chosen Nuke Suite for its social media marketing platform which will help them monitor their localized social media activates, as well as smoothly manage and coordinate the brand’s social presence in over 24 countries. Daniel de Santiago, Head of Digital at Pepe Jeans, gave praise to Nuke Suite:

As our global social presence became larger, managing 2.5 million very active Facebook fans who are more diffuse geographically, proved to be bigger and bigger challenge. We needed a solution that was flexible enough to work in a range of use cases, especially to help us manage workflow between team members spread across continents.

We also needed to be able to share content easily, so it could be localized and sent for approval before publication. Nuke Suite is a robust solution that meets our needs for social marketing, and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with their team to test innovative new features as they roll out.

The platform will be used by all Pepe Jeans’ marketing teams to manage their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. They will have the ability to centrally oversee social content across networks on international and local level via the platform’s content calendar and other collaborative tools.

Empowering brands on social media


With such an amazing list of brands who put their social trust in Nuke Suite, it is crystal clear we’re talking about a highly respectable company. Their launch in 2012 obviously made a significant impact within the competitive social media world. Founded in Paris, and later spread on London, Singapore and Dubai, this team of incredible digital experts made an impressive progress in such a short time, presenting themselves as the most-wanted social platform for global brands.

Let’s face it, that’s what they are indeed. Smoothly satisfying brands’ social appetites with high performance and essential tools, this fast-growing team can make you shine in social media world. Enough said, now it’s time you try Nuke Suite and stand out.

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