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Mini Seedcamp in Rijeka: Will any of the selected startups join Seedcamp’s family?

Day Zero of RockPaperStartups, a startup conference which is organized by our very own Netokracija, featured a Mini Seedcamp where a total of nine regional startups pitched their ideas hoping to end up at Seedcamp Week in London where they will spend four days with over 150 mentors and maybe even become a part of the Seedcamp's family.

Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Partner at Seedcamp (Photo: Marina Filipovic Marinshe)

Day Zero of RockPaperStartups, a startup conference by our very own Netokracija, featured a Mini Seedcamp where a total of nine regional startups pitched their ideas hoping to end up at Seedcamp Week in London where they will spend four days with over 150 mentors and maybe even become a part of the Seedcamp’s family.

Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Partner at Seedcamp who’s piece on customer acquisition cost was published on Netocratic the other day, explained how this accelerator is essentially a big family,  spreading across 33 countries. Some of their “family members” are now local heroes – just think of Croatia’s most famous Seedcamp startup Farmeron.

TruckTrack – What Seedcamp offered us

Carlos stated that everything begins with these local events called Mini Seedcamps. This is exactly where Serbia’s startup TruckTrack got mentor’s attention and pretty soon became a part of Seedcamp’s ever growing family. It’s founders,Vukasin Stojkov and Vuk Nikolic told the audience that their story began some three months ago and now they have a much more elaborated project, more investors and even bigger chances for success. As the main advantage, Vukasin listed the access to a very large network of powerful investors who area always ready to invest.

Mini Seedcamp Pitch

As already said, a total of nine startups pitched on Mini Seedcamp. First up was 8memo, a startup which tends to bring together both Dropbox and Flipboard in an unique experience. The core idea is that we use a lot of devices through which we capture our images, but there is no unified solution that brings all the media together.

Marko Pavlović, Anctu (Photo: Marina Filipovic Marinshe)

Next up was Anctu – marketplace for apps that community managers use. They said that their goal is to bring developers and CM’s together and provide them with all the best social media tools. Also on the “stage” was BabyWatch, a startup which focuses on monitoring vitals of the unborn babies and who recently reached their $ 10,000 goal on Indiegogo.

Edgar The Storyteller is an interesting project that gives everyone the opportunity to tell a story. Founders point out that every product has a story, but not everybody is gifted to create an interesting one –  that’s where Edgar The Storyteller comes in as a simple tool that allows anyone to create stories that are interesting and visually appealing.

Pitching session in the old Rikard Bencic factory in Rijeka (Photo: Marina Filipovic Marinshe)

Mini Seedcamp also featured, a platform for communication between restaurants and people who visit them. Also featured was Listen App, a service which pushes daily news in the length of just one minute and was downloaded more than 20,000 times in the past couple of weeks.

Openoy was also pitching as was Sizem, a service for women who are having a hard time finding a perfect bra also had their go at the pitching session. Teddy The Guardian is an interesting hardware startup who also pitched yesterday. It monitors several vitals of young children through a teddy bear. The toy has special sensors which send can alert parents through an iOS app.

Official sponsors of RockPaperStartups

After the pitches, all the attendees had an opportunity to talk to over 30 mentors with decades of experience. Founders and project managers directly correlated their previous knowledge with some of the useful tips mentors gave them. Although there wasn’t a winner (Seedcamp decided to first hold several events in different countries and then choose the startups which will go to a second round), startups got the chance to experience something new which just might lead them to a Seedcamp event in London this August.


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