Croatian Digital Afterlife Service MemoAngel Heads To The US

MemoAngel, Croatian Digital Afterlife Service, Heads To The US Market

It is hard to find an exact number of abandoned digital profiles, but we can surely talk about tens of millions, if not more. If you take that into consideration, you will not be surprised that MemoAngel is not a first digital afterlife service, because this topic is quite intriguing and natural. But this Croatian project might had found a niche that has plenty of space for further business development — and as the time goes by, that space will be, unfortunately, bigger and bigger.


MemoAngel enables you to save and cherish memories of your loved ones — photos, videos, texts. And of course, much like everything else today, you can share them with your family members, friends or with the whole world, if you wish. And that whole world is MemoAngel’s target market.

As one can guess, the whole idea was born out of the personal experience. Roberto Srpak, one of the cofounders, lost a dear person ten years ago, so, naturally, he had a strong desire to fill the hole that was left behind – for himself and for the other family members and friends that were felt with the same feeling of emptiness.

There was this question that bothered me – what does one actually leave behind? What is left behind us, in a form of an accessible document or our life overview? Honestly, not that much. We usually have just a few photos, videos or texts that are buried in some old photo albums or boxes or folders… Unless you are famous, an athlete, a scientist or some other public person – but even then you can’t be sure if this information can make a “profile” someone wants to leave behind.

Of course, the Internet and the social media offered us different ways of keeping those memories in a more quality way. That is where MemoAngel steps in – it’s not a place for digital mourning, it’s a place for remembering someone’s life in a positive way – and that can help in a process of filling that hole with pride and gratitude, at least partially.

Digital services for the afterlife

MemoAngel celebrates life, it doesn’t mourn it.

But, as we said before, this is not a first project of this kind. There is even a name for these types of services – Digital Afterlife Services. The competitors are numerous and some of them are quite strong. One of the key players is, with 20 million unique visitors per month. You can recognize three basic types of services among the competitors – Digital Legacy, Digital Estate Planning and Social Networking. MemoAngel wants to combine all of the three elements in order to make an advantage, while taking only their best pieces. Roberto explains:

There are multiple reasons why someone should choose this platform and the key one is quite strategic. MemoAngel is a specialized platform, its specific user experience comes from the customers’ needs. Social networking is broader and that is why it has plenty of problems and disadvantages, as well as unsatisfied customers. You can read about their experiences in different forums – for example, plenty of them don’t like the Memorialized profile service that one of the famous platform has to offer. MemoAngel is actually a specific combination of self-help tools and a communication platform. It enables you to tell the life story of your dear ones in a creative, personal and unique way, and to share it with others. Of course, our communication and the tone of voice are aligned with our customers’ needs.

MemoAngel web mobile
The website is responsive, but the mobile apps are planned as well.

And that tone of voice can be found throughout the whole website, as well as the Facebook and Pinterest profiles and, interesting enough, the blog. It contains all the topics one might expect on this type of service – universal texts about the loss of the loved ones, as well as the interesting facts about the famous (and deceased). If you go to the website, you might notice that it is responsive, so you can access the platform from numerous devices. Regardless, Roberto reveals that there are plans for the mobile app as well.

Universal need, global market

The need for the comfort after the loss of the loved ones and the desire to leave a quality (digital) trace behind us is pretty universal, so it didn’t surprise us when MemoAngel’s cofounders said that their goal market is global. First step – English speaking countries, with the US in the center, despite the strong competitors. The project went through the Founder Institute program where it “graduated” with high grades, and most of them came from the American mentors. The team did a research with the target group (women older than 35) so they could determine the right price range, premium content, specific functionalities etc.

MemoAngel logo
Business model is based on subscription, but there are other options.

MemoAngel applied for BICRO’s (Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments) Proof of Concept program and it received a financial support of 339,576 Croatian kunas (around 50,000 dollars). In order to monetize it’s service, the team carefully chose its business model – it is based on subscription, but there is a place for the other options, based on customers’ feedback.

There is a place for B2B. We are talking with a few institutions and companies that are compatible with our mission, such as The Grief Recovery Institute from California. But we would like to focus on our end customers during this initial phase.

The team

Roberto Srpak comes from the creative marketing industry, so he gathered a group of experienced and high profiled persons that worked with im on the project.
Roberto Srpak comes from the creative marketing industry, so he managed to gather a group of experienced and high profiled persons that work with im on the project.

The team is quite interesting, at least within the Croatian and regional borders. Robert had been running a creative market communication agency Tridvajedan for ten years, so he was quite picky while he was gathering the team.

We wanted to find the people who will help us with their knowledge, experience and professional relations in creating one of the best solutions in the market, especially in the US, and in fulfilling our goals.

And the team is made of 15 professionals that cover different business segments. The visual identity / design was created by Igor Manasteriotti and Mia Marić (Manasteriotti∞Marić studio), Lucijan and Emanuel Blagonić (Tailored Development) did the UX/UI design, Senko Rašić and Ana Vojnović (Good Code) did the production, while Nebojša Grbačić is the copywriter. Maja Peradin (Ciklopea) did the proofreading, Ivan i Mario Frančešević (SeekandHit) are responsible for the internet marketing, while  Boris Ličina, Domagoj Davidović, Milica Cetinić and Ana Urlić (Jasno&Glasno) do the content marketing and community management.

It is important to point out that women make the important part of our team, because MemoAngel’s end customers are – women. We have a great team and we believe that we will successfully fight all the challenges and fulfill our goals. And what is our mission? You can find it in our slogan – Memories are forever.

And the memories of our loved ones do live forever – as long as we keep them in our hearts and our mind, we can still feel them, feel like they never left, at least for the moment. Services like MemoAngel keep those memories safe, vivid and all in one place. Considering the fact that our lives become more and more digital, it makes sense that our afterlife becomes digital as well, even though that still might sound a bit strange. Nevertheless, Digital Afterlife Services make an interesting niche and MemoAngel from Croatia might just get a chance to compete with some of the industry’s key players, even in the US.

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