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Get Ready for Another Marketing Festival in Brno This Autumn!

Oct 31st – Nov 2nd is the weekend when the 2nd Marketing Festival is going to pump up Europe's heart (Brno) and make the blood runs faster in veins of expected 1100 visitors. Highly respectable lecturers (PPC professionals, world class marketers and analysts) will gather at Janaček theatre, bring you fresh and updated trends, share their knowledge and make sure you enjoy the best of them. There are 8 announced speakers at the moment, but there will be 18 more soon. Among the announced names, we should definitely mention: Dr. Peter Meyers from Moz, Avinash Kaushik, a famous digital marketing Evangelist for Google and a co-founder of Market Motive. Also, Martin Roettgerding from Bloofusion, Russell Savage from Box, Simo Ahava from Netbooster, and many more.

Marketing Festival 2013.
Marketing Festival 2013.

Last November, we introduced you to one of the best marketing conferences in Europe – Marketing Festival. It was the first time this conference was organized, but it took over the leading position among the European marketing conferences within no time. Marketing Festival 2013 presented many amazing lecturers gathered at the very heart of Europe – Brno, and it surprised us all with presentations, workshops and parties, not to mention praise and tweets from the delighted lucky ones who happened to be in the audience.

Netocratic carried over parts of the festival’s atmosphere and presentations by distinguished names in social media, marketing, SEO and analytics, such as Lukasz Zelezny (Uswitch), Cyrus Shepard (Moz), Kate Morris (Distilled), Brain Carter (Keynote speaker), but also an interview by the organizer Jindrich Faborsky.

Impressive 2014 lineup

Oct 31st – Nov 2nd is the weekend when the 2nd Marketing Festival is going to pump up Europe’s heart (Brno) and make the blood run faster in the veins of the expected 1100 visitors. Highly respectable lecturers (PPC professionals, world class marketers and analysts) will gather at Janaček Theatre, bring you fresh and updated trends, share their knowledge and make sure you enjoy the best of them. There are 8 announced speakers at the moment, but there will be 18 more soon. Among the announced names, we should definitely mention: Dr. Peter Meyers from MozAvinash Kaushik, a famous digital marketing Evangelist for Google and a co-founder of Market Motive. Also, Martin Roettgerding from BloofusionRussell Savage from BoxSimo Ahava from Netbooster, and many more.

More than 1000 visitors are expected this year.
More than 1000 visitors are expected this year.

Festival atmosphere

Over 20 great workshops, parties and networking will again stir up the conference, with 2 concerts and 2 DJs, one of them Lukasz Zelezny (Uswitch). After-parties are announced in 3 forms: The movie night Festival in Kino ArtOffline chat in a Pub at Stopkova Pivnice and Pop-Rock party at Club Fleda.

Great opportunity for Earlybirds!

At 10am, Monday, April 14th, you will have a unique opportunity to grab the first tickets for the Marketing Festival 2014. The first 100 will be sold for only 179 Eur (price without VAT). If you miss this great discount, the next price will vary from 219 to 299 Eur, but only if you’ll be the lucky one to get it before they’re sold out again.

Netocratic is one of the Marketing Festival’s partners, so stay tuned for more news and interviews, as well as the insight and countdown of the upcoming conference in Brno, and see you there on Oct 31, 2014!

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