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Lukasz Zelezny: Effective Traffic and Pearson’s Correlation in the Inbound Marketing

As SEO represents an inevitable part of the online marketing, last week in Brno visitors at the Marketing Festival had an opportunity to listen to, as described later the best technical presentation in the SEO field at the conference.

L. Zelezny
Lukasz Zelezny (Photo: Marketing Festival)

As SEO represents an inevitable part of the online marketing,  last week in Brno visitors at the Marketing Festival had an opportunity to listen to, as described later the best technical presentation in the SEO field at the conference.

Lukasz ZeleznyHead of Organic Acquisition at, started his presentation by highlighting the importance of determining the Pearson traffic from the well positioned keywords on Google.

I’d like to highlight the dependence of the two things: how keywords rank and how keywords deliver traffic to your website.

Which keywords to consider?

Before figuring out which keywords to consider, there are two suggestions Lukasz presented in Brno. First, the usage of the decent search volume and second, monitoring of  the keywords fluctuation week by week.

Lukasz explained that the decent search volume are all those keywords where exact search is over 1000 (ideally a few thousand). As for the keywords fluctuation, Lukasz explained they are more or less flat. As a few examples, Lukasz mentioned “credit cards”, “car insurance” and “holidays in Croatia”.

The best time to measure keywords is Monday because the traffic is the thickest then. The worst time is the weekend because people are out of their homes and offices. My advice is to spare two hours each Monday and focus on the keywords. That way, you can easily find out what to do and where to focus your Google business on in the future.


The ranks and traffic

Lukasz explained that what he does is a simple calculation in his Excel sheet which gives him some very interesting results. He realized that when ranks go higher, the traffic is going lower.

visits and position

According to his advice, it’s best to focus on three things if you are doing SEO:

  1. Daily measuring of the specific keywords (SERP)
  2. Daily visits generated by the specific word
  3. Better keywords quality

Pearson’s correlation between positions and traffics helps utilize better mid tail opportunities. It also helps you be ahead of your competitors and improves effective traffic.

Effective visits

Unlike ranks and traffic, the effective visits  are measured on an annual basis in order to receive an accurate picture. The reason for that is the fact that people beahviour changes throughout each season differently.

The important thing here is to stick to the chosen days each year, make sure the days always match. If you start the measuring week from Sunday, then it is Sunday you should stick to. It’s the same with other days as well.

predictable verticals

Comparing each chosen week or month to corresponding week or month of the previous year, and also verifying the number of visits after bounced visits exclusion, is what provides the effective visit (known as non-bounced visits). Lukasz says that this is exactly what helps you get an accurate picture of whether the traffic increased or decreased.

You can view Lukasz’s Marketing Festival presentation on here. We also bring you some of the Tweets posted right after his presentation.




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