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Kate Morris (Distilled): How Can You Develop a Real Business Content?

During the recent Marketing Festival in Brno, Kate Morris from Distilled talked about how to develop a business content. Presenting suggestions of what a real content should be, Kate explained that content a whole project, not just a page or a computer graphic.

Photo: Marketing Festival
Photo: Marketing Festival

During the recent Marketing Festival in Brno, Kate Morris from Distilled talked about developing a business content. Presenting suggestions of what a real content should be, Kate explained that content is much more than just  a page or computer graphics. It is a whole project. She mentioned Humans of New York as a great example.

This kind of approach to content can overcome competitive companies. The content is about the text content (static, comments, blog posts, reviews, product descriptions), but also about images, video and sound.

Spend time and resources on development

The good thing about spending time and resources on development is that increases web traffic but also helps social media pages reach more likes and followers.

FB likes

Quality content can impact your brand strength and trust. You can see the graph below a client’s name in Google Trends versus their top word and the competitor’s name. Check out the blue, climbing line which is the client’s brand name.


Developing content ideas

Kate said there are no boring products, industries or companies. She encourages everybody to write and create content because ideas and inspirations are everywhere.  Not everything has already been said or done, therefore she suggested some important steps to take into consideration.

When you first define your audience, you have to specify your goals. Set objectives which would relate to your company, campaign and website. Do some brainstorming in order to create content. If you like your own content, others will too.

example company campaign website

As Kate confirmed, Brainstorming is important. She recommends writing down every single idea. Also, she says talking to others is important because it will help you shape your idea.

Everything you plan on doing, make it better than your competition either it’s not worth bothering.  If your competition has got a great product or service you cannot compete with, then look for something else, try with more competitive product or service.  Investigate your competition’s collection, invent something new.

Measure the success

When you start with your goal, Kate suggests to do things that impact your goals.

Consider about all the measurable things, but remember, not all the content is measured the same.


You can view Kate’s full presentation and see her list of 12 types of content and metrics used for measuring the content.

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