Hitlist Launches A Web Interface And A Chrome Extension

Hitlist Launches A Web Interface And A Chrome Extension

Hitlist, a New York based startup with a Croatian CTO, caters to a new generation of travelers - young, spontaneous, on a budget, who like the tag “social” before just about any aspect of their lives.

Luka Kladaric, Hitlist's CTO
Luka Kladaric, Hitlist’s CTO

Hitlist allows “leisure traveler” to register travel intent via an app that tempts you with mouthwatering images of destinations around the world and sends you the best flight deals for the ones you want to visit.

The app is heavily social – you can see where your friends live, and the places they visited, as well as get travel tips from the people you trust. This requires a Facebook login, because the social aspect would pretty much fall short without your social network, but the startup has just expanded their product portfolio to suit those who prefer a logged out experience.

Columbia sounds great, thank you.
Colombia sounds great, thank you.

The new web interface, created during an internal hackathon, allows you to browse the best flight deals available in real time, all attractively bundled in Hitlist’s recognisable visual identity designed to play on your wanderlust. It also enables the wishful traveler to explore travel destinations generated by Hitlist’s algorithm or search by location right on your desktop. You can browse millions of airfare deals and receive highly targeted flight alerts based on your preferences – time, destination, tastes, budget.

New destinations just a tab away

The other novelty is the Wandertab extension for Chrome, which makes every new tab you open into an inspirational tableau, showing you one of the beautiful images Hitlist’s algorithms musters up and a price tag showing you how much it would set you back to get there.

Web interface
Web interface allows you to browse the best flight deals in real time.

So if you’re, let’s say, sitting in a dingy office typing your life away, every new tab will remind you that you’re actually doing all the typing to be able to do things outside that office – in Costa Rica, maybe? And the price tag is there to remind you you don’t have to sell a kidney to do that.

The extension is linked to the new web interface, but for a full social travel experience Hitlist stands for, you’ll have to revert to the good old app you’ve already got on your smartphone. The three products together make a perfect circle, from travel inspiration to the actual execution, and then back again as you come back from your leisure trip and start looking for your next destination.


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