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OMGcommerce has started: Luigi Reggiani on Google Analytics and its future!

OMGconference is finally here! After the short speech from the organizer Ivan Brezak Brkanm who opened the conference, Luigi Reggiani, Head of Analytics & Conversions at Google took stage to talk more about all the possibilities of Google Analytics and all the things it can do for an online business.

Luigi Reggiani, Google (Photo: Marina Filipovic Marinshe)

OMGconference is finally here! After the short speech from the organizer Ivan Brezak Brkan who opened the conference, Luigi Reggiani, Head of Analytics & Conversions at Google took stage to talk more about all the possibilities of Google Analytics and all the things it can do for an online business.

After some truly astonishing numbers, more than 350,000 people online in Croatia at the time of presentation, Luigi focused on presenting the value of data. When it comes e-commerce, it takes users only 8 seconds to decide whether on not they are going to stay on the website. From that point on, it takes them approximately 34 hours to make a first click purchase. Off course, these numbers vary from industry to industry.

Luigi Reggiani, Ivan Brezak Brkan (Photo: Marina Filipovic Marinshe)
Luigi Reggiani, Ivan Brezak Brkan (Photo: Marina Filipovic Marinshe)

When it comes to Croatia, almost 20 percent of online users are ready to buy online. Paradigm has rapidly shifted, especially in this region and things will never be the same.

Nowadays, for every dollar you invest you get about 10.46 dollars in profit.

Throughout the second part of the lecture, Luigi talked more about Google Analytics, how it all started, where we are at the moment and what are some of the things we can expect.  Prior to Google’s acquisition of several different analytics companies, hit counters were a huge deal. It gave the website owners an insight about the number of visitors, however the tools were rather limited.

Nothing was same after Google Analytics

Then in 2005. Google launched Analytics, a free tool which every website owner could implement very easily. It gave them a much more detailed information about website usage, which they could later interpret and apply to their business. Many of the people who started using this service, ultimately shifted their business models because of the data they were provided with.

We are going to tell you who are your visitors and what is it that they are looking at. You can track how much time users are spending at your website, and where are they coming from.

One of the biggest advantages with digital is that you can measure almost everything with it. You can get the sense of what’s going on, and you are getting all of this simply by implementing a code in your website. Luigi added that with the mix and mach you can look at the regional metrics and also dig deeper into the data. With the Dashboard, you can see at the glance what exactly is going on.

He closed his presentation with the words that mobile is expanding rapidly and that the future of analytics is in definitely in the universal analytics. They will be heavily implemented in mobile, and Google is working on a several new tools which they will present throughout the year!

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