Blockchain from the Bloc(k): Listen to the 1st podcast dedicated to Balkan blockchain scene (by æternity and Netokracija) - Netokracija CEE

Blockchain from the Bloc(k): Listen to the 1st podcast dedicated to Balkan blockchain scene (by æternity and Netokracija)

We are delighted to present you Blockchain from the Bloc(k), the first podcast about Balkan's blockchain scene by Netokracija and æternity Ventures, asset management company investing in Blockchain startups.

Your hosts will be none other than Ivan Brezak Brkan, founder and editor of Netokracija, and Luka Sučić, a well-known member of the startup, investment, and mentorship community, who has joined æternity Ventures last year.

We have published the first episode on 16th of February, and today we are on with the second one – both of them will be embedded down below. But first, let me lead you through all necessary details concerning the podcast and idea around its production.

For whom the Blockchain from the Bloc(k) tolls?

Ivan and Luka have met in front of the cameras and microphones for various digital and tech occasions and as they have been in contact with the Balkan’s startup community for years, there is no doubt they will deliver dynamic and curious conversations about blockchain technology and its applications in practice, especially in Balkans. So they have done for the first two and will continue to do in the next 18 episodes of Blockchain from the Bloc(k) podcast.

From mid-February to the beginning of July, the podcast will be published every week so you can continuously learn more about blockchain and blockchain startups in Balkans.

Most of the episodes will be co-hosted with the aforementioned awesome duo, but for some episodes, which will cover more details about blockchain in practice, they will welcome famous experts and representatives of the blockchain startups from the region.

The first episode, as well as the following ones, you can listen to and download from the platform, but most importantly, all episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher app

How come ‘Blockchain from the Bloc(k)’ podcast?

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Blockchain from the Bloc(k) started with an idea to offer wholesome analysis of the current blockchain scene in the Balkans or the so-called Eastern Bloc.

Stefka Dechina, head of operations and marketing at æternity Ventures told me that many insights that helped to bring this idea to life, came from scouting campaign for the first Starfleet teams:

During our scouting campaigns for Starfleet teams, we have had the chance to visit almost all Balkan countries and visit Blockchain events and hubs. As a result, our teams are very fascinated with the tremendous potential we see in everywhere and we started discussing how we could show to the rest of the world the great projects, co-working spaces, and individuals that are working in Blockchain locally.

Our idea with the podcast was to create a channel for promoting the Balkan Blockchain potential. We see it as a channel where we can talk about education, who is doing what, which projects operate on the Balkans and hopefully, to elevate and promote them on the global scene.

Whether it is for the experts and investors interested in blockchain applications or new emerging startups that seek advice and information, this podcast is here to help the community. At the same time, as blockchain can be quite a concept to grasp for someone who’s not familiar with it, we also wanted to maintain an easygoing attitude through conversational tone of podcast format.

Thus the Blockchain from the Bloc(k) podcast was born!

Starfleeters in their work zone at æternity Ventures.

First two episodes are already up!

In the first two episodes, Luka and Ivan discuss the basics about blockchain technology and how it can be used – few examples coming from Starfleet Accelerator, æternity Ventures’ accelerator for seed stage Blockchain startups who are looking for mentoring and investment.

In the first episode, you will find out more about æternity Ventures Starfleet program and past experiences with 17 teams that have participated in it last year. Recently they have closed applications for the 2nd generation of Starfleet so we are eager to find out what they will come up within the next few months, which will Luka surely share with us throughout the podcast. To learn more about Balkan’s blockchains potential check out the first episode.

Listen to the first episode!

The second episode brings us back to basics. Luka and Ivan talk about blockchain concept and the features that make blockchain technology such a great tool to change existing economic, social and political processes for better. Many of those still operate with great risks for average user/voter/consumer. However, the properties of the blockchain, such as transparency, decentralization, security, and rapid flow can achieve optimization for all parties in the process.

Concerning it’s potential, Luka told me how blockchain is:

…fully capable of replacing all existing things that are not adequate for the 21st century and are abusing regular users on a daily basis. Starting from Facebook and data privacy breaches, Uber and its issues, all the way down to governance systems, voting, and elections. There are some many practical applications with the REAL impact it’s hard to pick one.

And as Luka concludes, æternity’s and Netokracija’s mission is to make changes to that adoption and public understanding. We think Blockchain from the Bloc(k) is one good way to start. If you want to join us on that quest, be sure to learn more about blockchain and its potentials in the second episode.

Listen to the second episode!

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