Frame Raises $16 Million in Series A - Microsoft Ventures Among Investors

Frame Raises $16 Million in Series A – Microsoft Ventures Among Investors

Frame, a US-Serbian company, has secured $16 million of funding. Among the investors is also Microsoft Ventures – the investment branch of one of the biggest technology companies nowadays. With its teams in San Francisco, Belgrade and Niš, Frame is going to use the money for employment of software engineers as well as sales and marketing expansion – particularly in Europe and Asia, as revealed for Netokracija exclusively.

Istok Pavlović and Nikola Božinović with Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella.

The revolutionary service that allows you to work on your computer from the cloud, closed a new round of funding worth $16 million. The investment was led by Bain Capital Ventures, In-Q-Tel and CNTP that had also led the previous round, as well as Microsoft Ventures – the investment branch of one of the biggest and best-known technology companies nowadays.

In the previous investment round Frame secured 10 million dollars and afterwards opened its office in Belgrade. Today, Frame has 60 employees in San Francisco, Belgrade and Nis. It is enabling many global organisations a switch from desktop applications and software tools to the cloud.

As CEO and founder, Nikola Bozinovic exclusively revealed for Netokracija, the new funds will be used for hiring software engineers and expanding sales and marketing activities – particularly in Europe and Asia.

Microsoft’s Investment Enables Further Growth

Bozinovic stated that the whole team is particularly pleased to see Microsoft among the investors, the company that was developing its own cloud computing solution called Azure Remote App until mid-last year. Unlimited resources didn’t help the program to stay alive resulting in Microsoft announcing its shutdown and focusing on infrastructure services, adds Nikola.

“At the very beginning of the company, when Frame was only an idea, some people said that this is just another Remote Desktop. Microsoft’s investment is a proof that the problem we solve is an extremely hard and important one – this is a recognition of the great work our team has done” said Istok Pavlovic.

After the new investment round the teams in Nis and Belgrade are ready to welcome new colleagues, reports Frame.

Nagraj Kashyap, one of the vice-presidents of Microsoft, said to the media:
Frame gives millions of Window applications and hundreds of millions of users a direct access to a reliable and secure IT environment. Using Microsoft’s cloud, Frame offers unparalleled opportunities to the companies around the world, which is why we decided to invest and to work together on expanding of capacities.

Speaking about the opportunities for growth, Salil Deshpande, the leading investor of Bain Capital Ventures fund added that they are immense, stressing that Frame has a tremendous opportunity to replace popular technologies for Remote Desktop which are used extensively in the commercial sector.

Frame gained the trust of leading software companies and passed many tests required for the product to be used for sensitive data where security is of high importance and where every mistake costs dearly. Frame is the only company that has shown that it can really implement virtual desktops on the largest scale.

US Government Among Clients

Talking about current business, Bozinovic revealed for Netocratic that the big companies such as Adobe, Autodesk, HP and Siemens are among the clients who are actively replacing their desktop solutions with products like Frame because they only require a browser and internet connection. As we heard, the civil service of the United States is also on the list of clients, which is another big step for this US-Serbian company – Frame is slowly entering the entire civil administration.

“We see our chance among the clients who invest heavily in order to ensure their sensitive data is safe and prevent the spread of viruses and computer attacks the number of which is constantly growing”, stated Bozinovic. He concluded that countries from around the world are interested in Frame, but the team that is developing the product in Serbia would like to see it used as well in the domestic market. The companies in Belgrade and Nis are actively hiring new employees – more about the open positions can be found on the official Frame website.

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