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AppNet Rhino: Croatian Team Creates 1st Dedicated App.net iPhone App & Praises the Ecosystem

Croatian companies Planet 1107 and Twinkle Tap have joined forces to develop and release the first dedicated iPhone app for the increasingly popular paid social network App.net. Named Rhino, the fast and quite pretty app has been in the iTunes App Store since morning, earning a 4+ score and many downloads from App.net's faithful users that have paid $50 per person.


Evernote Business Could Be Your Startup’s External Brain – Made for Human Beings, not Enterprises

Evernote founder and CEO Phil Libin announced a new product called Evernote Business for small and medium sized companies and teams at the company's Evernote Trunk Conference that is taking place today in San Francisco.


Qprize Offers €100,000 of Investment to the Best Eastern European (Mobile) Startup!

Qualcomm Ventures is going to give €100,000 to the best Eastern European startup as part of its Qprize seed investment competition. Eastern Europe is the 8th, newest region to be added to the Qprize which has been active for 2 years now and which is looking to fund even better startups this year. Qualcomm Ventures’ potential investment is not only a very good deal in terms of the money raised, but also a “smart money” investments for mobile startups since Qualcomm is truly embedded in the mobile world.


Seedcamp is Coming to Budapest in October: Application Deadline is September 16th!

The leading European startup accelerator, Seedcamp, will be holding its first ever Seedcamp startup event in Budapest. While Seedcamp has been present in Central and Eastern Europe in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Prag, this is the first time it will hold an event in the capital of Hungary - in partnership with the European Entrepreneurship Foundation.


ZIP: Zagreb’s entrepreneurship incubator is more than Croatia’s 1st coworking space for startups

Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, is getting its first coworking space for startups - also the first true coworking space in the country. The Zagreb entrepreneurship incubator or Zagrebački inkubator poduzetništva - ZIP - will be, as the name says, more of an incubator than just a space for entrepreneurs to work at. Applications start today and the 5 best teams will get the chance to join ZIP in the fall.


Launchub, New Bulgarian Startup Accelerator, Selects its First 9 Teams (30,000 Euro Each)

Bulgarian startup accelerator Launchub has announced the first batch of 9 teams to participate in its acceleration program that starts in autumn. The 9 teams, 2 of which come from Croatia, were chosen by a committee consisting of investment partners, entrepreneurs, bacnkers and of course - Launchub’s team. Each of the 9 startups will get 30.000 EUR of seed capital.


SugarCRM is Coming to Eastern Europe: New Languages Expected for Their Open Source CRM

Seems that Eastern European companies are finally discovering the true power of sales and using customer relationship software to increase them - or that’s at least what SugarCRM, one of the world’s leading CRM web application companies believes. SugarCRM will be in fact presenting today at Telfor 2011., a large telecomunication conference held each year in Belgrade, Serbia. It’s a first in a region used to being less than well connected to international technology companies that are quite influentieal such as Paypal or Google.


Top Eleven for Android: Can the Most Popular Web Soccer Game Conquer the Mobile World from Serbia?

Serbian web game maker Nordeus has confirmed for Netocratic that they've launched their first mobile application: Top Eleven for Android. It's the mobile version of Top Eleven, the most popular sports game not only on Facebook where they "killed" EA-s Fifa, but also on the web in general. While this is Nordeus' first venture into the mobile gaming space, the "normal" Top Eleven is an advanced football management game that has over 1,000,000 daily active players.


E-nnovation 2011: Latest Trends In E-commerce and Online Business from Poland

The annual conference dedicated to new trends in e-commerce and online business, E-nnovation, was held in Poznan, Poland on the 10th and 11th October, 2011. Gathering over 30 speakers and 700 participants, its primary focus was the online trade market in eastern and central parts of Europe. Despite the firm focus on e-commerce and online retail, a significant portion of the program was dedicated to startups and entrepreneurship with talks and advice from speakers such as Tara Hunt, Eric Ly, and Jeff Taylor. Tara Hunt is the CEO of Buyosphere, but is more known by her work with Riya (now Like.com) and her book "The Whuffie Factor". In a talk titled "10 Mistakes I Made, So That You Don’t Have To", she went through a list of 10 common pitfalls in startups from her own experience. Focusing on the minimum viable product was the first and foremost issue, where she pointed out how MVPs allow easier iterating, easier testing of assumptions and minimize the time and energy needed to do so...

Digital Media

Leo Laporte’s TWiT: How a True Geek is Creating the CNN of Technology News

You’ll hear him talk about tech in podcasts like This Week in Tech, Tech News Today, iPad Today, The Social Hour and All About Android. Leo Laporte is probably the most well-known podcaster and one of the most respectable tech pundits in the world. He founded TWiT.tv, his podcast (sorry Leo, netcast!) network in 2005. when starting the now well known This Week in Tech podcast that features panelists such as John C. Dvorak, LeWeb founder Loic LeMeur and Lifehacker founder Gina Trapani as well as hosts such as Sarah Land and Tom Merrit.

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Croatian agencies SeekandHit and airt presented Capt’n: „It saves time and money just like top advertising experts!”

Veterans of advertising and co-founders of the leading agencies DRAP and SeekandHit presented their AI platform that optimizes advertising for Facebook and Google networks.


Croatian fintech startup airt helps banks learn about user’s transactions using AI

This week we had opportunity to cover the announcement of airtAI, a Croatian fintech startup whose solution is based on artificial intelligence and is directed towards smaller banks that want to better assess the needs of their clients. Exclusively for Netrokracija airt’s CEO Hajdi Ćenan reveals the details.


Cenosco: A Dutch company that prevents explosions on oil platforms from Pula, The Hague and Zagreb through software, VR and AR

Applications that control the operation of oil platforms and plants for the processing of derivatives are directly responsible for a safer and cleaner world, and one of the best is created largely in Croatia.