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RankWP Ranks WordPress Plugins According to Their Popularity!

If you have ever tried to install a WordPress plugin, you have probably asked yourself which plugins do you really need. Also, after you chose one, how can you tell it is the one for you? Those dilemmas should be solved through a new service, RankWP, which offers more information on existing plugins. Algorithm tracks […]


Shift Startup 2013 is a new brand arised from last year’s Startup Live Split conference

Shift Startup is not a new startup conference, it’s a rebranding of last year’s successful Startup Live Split conference, with Netokracija as a media sponsor. Organizers, led by Code Anwhere’s co-founder Ivan Burazin, want to gather 500 participants this year in Split! Shift will be held in Split from 22nd to 24th May. Burazin revealed […]


Codeship Joins TechStars, Moves to Boston Months After Moving to Berlin

While ex-Railsonfire first moved from Vienna to Berlin and became Codeship, the company is now based in Boston. Codeship has actually become a part of TechStars' Spring Boston 2013. class that began yesterday...


Vox.io Loses Its CEO: Tomaz Stolfa Steps Down from Well Known Slovenian Startup

Tech entrepreneur Tomaz Stolfa has stepped down as the CEO of one of Slovenia's most well known startups, Vox.io.


Fon and DT’s Croatian Telecom Launch Co-Branded Extension to the World’s Largest Crowdsourced WiFi Network

It seems that Deutsche Telekom is serious about the world's largest crowdsourced WiFi network Fon, or at least it seems so after DT's Croatian arm Hrvatski Telekom announced today a deal to offer co-branded Fon devices and services to its users in Croatia. It's name: HotSpot Fon!


Startupsbio.me is a Global Startup Map Powered by AngelList’s API

StartupsBio.me is a new Croatian mini-startups that's working to help - other startups from around the world with its global map of startups and startup organisations based on the startup social network AngelList. The project was started by Filip Topol, the lead project manager of Mediatoolkit, a part of the social media marketing agency iStudio, who decided to present the project exclusively on Netocratic.


StartupYard, Member of TechStars’s Global Accelerator Network, Is Looking for Its 3rd Generation of Startups

Czech seed accelerator for technology companies StartupYard, invites all startups to apply for their program starting March next year. The program includes three months of accelerator program and three months of common office space at TechSquare in Prague. Participants will have an opportunity to work with over 90 mentors for 10 percent equity if the company needs financing up to $10,000.


Codeship is Railsonfire’s New Identity as a Seedcamp Startup that Supports Rails, PHP, Python…

Vienna-based Railsonfire that helped developers using Ruby on Rails has done a number of important things these days: They're now called Codeship and have moved to Berlin from Vienna while joining the startup accelerator Seedcamp and offering developers additional support for Java, node.js, PHP and Python.

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Socialbakers’ Distribution of Fans Reveals Local (Facebook) Fans for Competitive Intelligence

The Czech social media analytics giant Socialbakers has managed to implement information on local Facebook fans in just 9 days since Facebook released the information on December 21st. Socialbakers' new Distribution of Fans let you see fans by country for both global and regional brands.


LAUNCHub from Sofia Seeks to Invest €30,000 Per Team in a Dozen Startups

LAUNCHub, the 9 million Euro seed and acceleration fund from Bulgaria, has opened applications for the LAUNCHub accelerator for Spring 2013. in which startups get 30,000 Euros. This will be their second batch of startups that came predominantly from Bulgaria, while Cinematic and Habbits were in fact - Croatian. Netocratic talked to both Managing partner Lyuben Belov and one of their startup founders, Stevica Kuharski, CEO of Habbits.

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Croatian agencies SeekandHit and airt presented Capt’n: „It saves time and money just like top advertising experts!”

Veterans of advertising and co-founders of the leading agencies DRAP and SeekandHit presented their AI platform that optimizes advertising for Facebook and Google networks.


Croatian fintech startup airt helps banks learn about user’s transactions using AI

This week we had opportunity to cover the announcement of airtAI, a Croatian fintech startup whose solution is based on artificial intelligence and is directed towards smaller banks that want to better assess the needs of their clients. Exclusively for Netrokracija airt’s CEO Hajdi Ćenan reveals the details.


Cenosco: A Dutch company that prevents explosions on oil platforms from Pula, The Hague and Zagreb through software, VR and AR

Applications that control the operation of oil platforms and plants for the processing of derivatives are directly responsible for a safer and cleaner world, and one of the best is created largely in Croatia.