About - Netokracija CEE


Netocratic is a simple idea put in practise: get people accross Central and Eastern Europe talking more about web business, marketing and startups. From Austria to Romania and Russia to Croatia, the web is helping businesses and cultures grow in ways the couldn’t before. With companies and startups such as Yandex, Vox.io, Zemanta, Kolektiva, Nordeus and UberVu, there is a lot of things to watch out for.

Netocratic, based in Zagreb, will guide you through how the web “lives” across Southeastern Europe and beyond. Netocratic is a spin off from Netokracija, a blog that started covering local web business and culture in 2009. and has grown into the biggest web technology blog in Southeastern Europe. Now we’re doing the same in English, giving people around the world access to the region. We’ve been media and blog partners for LeWeb, The Next Web and Seedcamp.

Where there’s an interesting startup and an more interesting internet presence, you’ll find Netocratic!