Toshl Finance for iPhone Now with Search, 165 Currencies, Improved Budgets and in 11 Languages

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ToshlThe new Toshl Finance for iOS, Slovenian personal finance manager, has been released on the App Store. There are many new features, the team has fine-tuned existing ones and made the whole thing work faster. The main news are search, auto-refreshed currencies, improved budgets and eleven more languages.

So, like it was announced on Toshl blog, users can now search their expenses and incomes by tags, description and amount. Previously Toshl had around 30 currencies pre-entered and with daily updated exchange rates and now it supports 165 currencies with exchange rates updated daily. There’s even support for Bitcoin (BTC) if you’re into virtual currencies and the thrilling sport of financial bubble surfing. Users can also switch between the list of expenses by time and the list by tags using a neat little switch on the top of the list.

List of expenses included in the budget

Budgets are great to remind you where your money went, but sometimes you just wonder why is budget so low already? Now you can check that – in the budget details, users can find a list of included expenses enabling them to see exactly where that budget vanished to and which expenses are the culprits.

Toshl for iOS is now available in Chinese (China – simplified), Chinese (Taiwan – traditional), Czech, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Some of the other translations are already in progress and everyone can help by visiting