Product Management Festival 2017

The Latest Mind Innovations in Product Management

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Announcing the 2-day conference showcasing top notch topics in product management.

We are less than a month away from one of the leading product related conference, Product Management Festival 2017 (PMF). For the sixth year in a row, the must-attend event attracts professionals from Europe and beyond. The stellar lineup of this worldwide recognized conference features some of the leading experts from the top Fortune 500 companies. As PMF team says:

The main purpose of the PMF is to support product management community and offer the network and knowledge necessary for it to build better products and advance professionally as future product leaders.

The PMF is comprised of people with extensive experience in product management from companies like Google, Zalando, BBC, Blockchain, Intercom, UBS, and many others who together define the future of product management.

33 thought leaders, 650+ attendees from 23 countries and 146 companies

On November 15th and 16th 2017, 33 thought leaders will present brilliant ideas to 650+ attendees from 23 countries and 146 companies in the heart of Zurich (Switzerland). The festival will offer a wide variety of topics about MVPs, Pricing, Growth, Machine Learning, AI, Scaling, Testing mindset – How to approach Product/Market Fit, Product Management in a DevOps World, Experiments at scale from Google Maps etc.

The extensive program will be aligned on four different stages, including the “Experts” and “Workshops” track. Among confirmed popular speakers is Mark Hull, Director of Product Management at Facebook who will be speaking at PMF on “The new product manager – what it will take to be successful tomorrow.” In the extensive interview prior to the conference, he’s given the great advice to all who are going through career or job transition:

Once you are in your new role, take the time to build relationships, reach out to potential mentors, and develop your network. Don’t underestimate how valuable it is to learn as much as possible about how the company got there. Learn what people have done before you so you can leverage those findings.

We are looking forward to seeing Matan Bar on Zurich’s stage. The Head of PayPal Consumer Product Center will discuss about the premise If the value isn’t clear the price will always be too high.

Mina Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder Different, Ex-Head of Product at Uber and Rio Akasaka, Product Manager at Google are on the list of product community celebrities to kick-off this great event. In his recent inteview, Akasaka hints about his PMF talk:

We often have influence but little authority, and having a lot of data easily available at your fingertips really makes you a more influential product manager. And this is data that isn’t purely about performance of the product, or usage. It’s also metrics and numbers about user happiness, retention, engagement, adoption.

If you care about your product and want to grow your business network, hear solutions to real world challenges in the industry and inspiring messages from market’s most influential thought leaders, PMF is definitely the product conference worth attending. Check out the schedule and prepare for the lineup of awesomeness! Don’t forget to book your spot before the event is sold out!

See you in Zurich!