Marketing Festival In Brno Nailed It Again

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Highly respectable names in digital marketing, interesting lectures and practical workshop is what puts Marketing Festival on top over and over again.


Photos: Marketing Festival

How many marketing conferences do you know to have sold the first 100 tickets within only 7 seconds?

It’s been a few weeks since Marketing Festival rocked Brno for the second time. The tickets, as well as the workshops were sold out months before the conference, and 1150 attendees could see why. People still talk about it, and somehow we’re not surprised. Jindrich Faborsky, together with his team, organized one of the most interesting marketing events in Europe one more time.

Three days of lectures, workshops and networking

Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik

World-class digital marketing event in Brno presented some very respectable marketers, PPC professionals and web analysts, such as Simo Ahava, SEO manager in Netbooster Finland, Sandra Camacho, Attribution Regional Product Expert at Google, Jan Rezač, a well known web consultant, and Avinash Kaushik, author of bestselling books on web analytics and a founder of Market Motive agency. All of them, together with the rest of the respectable names, rocked the Janaček theater stage.

Workshops at the Marketing Festival were packed with visitors thirsty for new, practical knowledge. That’s why they were sold out, too. There were some pretty interesting topics to listen, such as Conversation Optimization – The Inside Track by Craig Sullivan from UK, How to identify and get rid of your most dangerous links by Julie Joyce from Link Fish Media, and Get your brand moving using star video campaigns by Ondrej Slama, the owner of INBORN agency in Prague.

Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce

Networking was another important part of Marketing Festival and the organizers made sure to plan that part in the details, too. Apart from the usual mingling at the conference, spending lunch and coffee breaks with other attendees, there wasn’t just 1 after party, but 3. “The movie night Festival” after party at Kino ART on Thursday evening, the “Offline over a glass of beer” party at Stopkova Pivnice on Friday night, and the good bye after party at Fleda club on Saturday.

Data, Google, Facebook, SEO on 1 stage

It is difficult to single out anyone who showed up on the Marketing Festival stage because the venue was packed with incredible names and amazing topics, all of which are high trendy and useful for marketing professionals. The lectures’ names were irresistible, such as the following:

  • Goodbye Faith, Hello Data Driven Agile Marketing by Avinash Kauishik was one of the most expected lecture. His energetic and entertaining performance with valuable information on understanding digital marketing with the ability to see, think, do, care approach.
  • The World of Google: US Vs. Europe by Dr. Peter Meyers from Moz showed what’s going on in the SERPs of compared to, .cz and .pl, with an advice to keep an eye on what’s happening in the US Google and implement the same in your language Google. Find Dr. Peter Meyers’s slideshare here.


  • Analysis of Market Opportunities and Identifying Web Influencers by Filip Podstavec was named one of the most entertaining lectures at the conference. Filip had a unique way of explaining how not to mess up your link building project by creating a fictional persona named Fidel Prdstavec.
  • Advanced performance marketing on Facebook – how Facebook can beat the Google by Karel Tlustak, ROIHunters CEO, pointed out some highly useful tips, such as using different bidding strategies to address different audiences, that 65% of Facebook impressions happen on mobile, that posting low quality ads on Facebook will hurt your eCPM, that startups can use free credits from Facebook ($20,000 or $60,000 in free tools and services if you get approved), and many more.

See you next year? You bet!

While you’re checking Marketing Festival 2014 video, the organizers are already making plans for the 2015 conference, so stay tuned for the early tickets in spring. No doubt the selection of speakers and lectures will be in the same level like the previous years, the only question is: Will you make it on time to grab your entrance ticket? In the meantime, make sure you get all of the lectures in full HD videos – you can buy them here.

And last, but not least, browse through Twitter using a hashtag #mktfest to see all the amazing words people were sharing about this conference and see it for yourselves that we mean what we say – Marketing Festival 2015, be there or be square!