Take a Photo of a Text and Send It to Translation through Ciklopea App

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CiklopeaCiklopea offers translation and localization services in the wider region of South East Europe. Since those projects begin with clients’ making an order and asking estimates, they wanted to simplify and speed up that process. They did that through the mobile apps for iOS and Android and the most interesting feature is: Take a photo and translate the text!

The users can simply take a photo of a document or the text they want to translate and send it for the translation. Other than that, users can calculate the translation fee between languages and ask for a quick translation (no more than 100 words translated within an hour). Mladen Stojak from Ciklopea explains what the main idea behind the application was:

Given that smartphones have become a part of our everyday lives and that their users want to benefit from all the advantages they provide, we took their wishes into consideration and created an application that provides fast and reliable estimates of the cost of translation, faster ordering by sending an existing e-file or taking a snapshot and sending the document because lately our clients have begun to take photos of documents and send them via smartphones. Thanks to the application, this process is completely automatic now and you can get a reliable estimate at any moment.

Ciklopea app screenshot

Ciklopea app screenshot

The app is intended for all current and future users of Ciklopea’s services, as well as for everyone who wishes to have fun with texts, languages and calculations in the language and translation industry. Stojak names the biggest challenge in the process of creating the application:

The biggest challenge was to make the application simple and understandable to everyone. Everyday work with texts and languages may not appear too complicated to a language industry professional, but things get more difficult when you want to transfer everyday processes to a machine or an application. I believe we managed to do that successfully and that the users of our application won’t be confused or unable to communicate with it at any point.

So, if you need to translate something really quick and you don’t have the time to type the text, just take a photo and send it. If you have a larger text you want to translate, but you don’t know how much would it cost, the app will give that info as well. Would you order a translation in this way?